8-4-82-BordenThis information is taken from the book “The Astrologer Looks at Murder” by Barbara Watters (1969).  I was skeptical, but it has a chapter on Lizzie.  Ms. Watters was the “leading astrological consultant in the nation’s capitol”, plus she lived in Fall River for 12 years.

It turned out to be one of the best essays of the thousands I’ve read on the case.  Here are the highlights of Lizzie’s chart – with some planetary specifics:

  • She was born the day after a total eclipse of the sun – 13 days later there was partial eclipse of the moon.
  • She has an “influence for violence” that “takes a cunning and mercenary twist” and “confers a fortune”.
  • There was a “configuration” that “condemned her to spinsterhood” and “mixed up her emotions toward her father” – a textbook case of the Electra complex (mythology), where the “unresolved tension resulted in the death of both parents”.
  • Because “the moon falls in 9 Taurus and Pluto in 9 Leo”, Lizzie’s “violent and irrational signs are perilous to the mother”.  Ms. Watters cites another identical chart where a “girl attacked her mother suddenly and violently on five different occasions, nearly killing her the last time.”  Motive was jealousy over possessions and property.
  • The “rising degree of Virgo” supports Lizzie’s tendency to “fawn upon those of higher status yet be kind and considerate to inferiors”.  Ms. Watters talks of hiring a Fall River painter who had worked on Maplecroft as a young man, and “although he thought her guilty of the murders, he maintained she was kindest, most generous employer he ever had.”

This just scratches the surface of this lengthy essay.  I don’t know much about astrology, but I’m wondering:  Has any astrologer since 1969 documented the specific alignments within the house that falls in Lizzie’s chart?