Best Unsolved:
Jack the Ripper… There are more books about the unknown fiend with the killer sobriquet than every United States president except Lincoln.

Best Getting Away With Murder:
Lizzie Borden and OJ Simpson… Both of their juries were biased in favor of the defendants and were not emotionally capable of convicting.

Most Wrongly Convicted:
Sam Sheppard… Evidence that Marilyn Sheppard was raped and the blood trail from a 3rd person at the murder scene clinches it for the doctor.

Best Non-Mystery:
Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold… Our first thrill killers spewed dramatic confessions and were defended by Clarence Darrow in a riveting trial.

Most Enigmatic Character:
Bruno Richard Hauptmann… Wrongly convicted of killing Lindbergh’s baby, this shadowy figure was innocent of murder but guilty of something.

Best Serial Killer:
Ted Bundy… From his alleged incestuous birth to his electrocution in Florida, a fascinating deviant – the most charismatic serial killer in history.

Most Overrated Serial Killers:
Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy… They were just two creepy, disgusting losers who should have been apprehended much earlier.

Most Bogus Serial Killer:

The Boston Strangler… DNA has proven that Albert DeSalvo did NOT kill two of the victims. These murders were the work of several different stranglers.

Most Bogus Conspiracy Theory:

JFK… Despite many suspicious circumstances, all the evidence comes back to Oswald, who tried to assassinate General Edmund Walker in April 1963.