Fans of True Crime give this book 5 stars!

Download the book that's keeping Armchair Detectives awake at night....

Queen City Gothic reveals...

...the sinister details of 13 unsolved, Gothic murder mysteries that gripped the Queen City in the 20th century. From the senseless Cincinnati Strangler crimes, to the still-unsolved, brutal triple homicide of the Bricca family, these cases stumped law enforcement and riveted a wary public. All of the known, and many of the unknown facts are here, in Gothic digital typeface, to read on your preferred electronic device.

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    See never-before-published crime scene photos and details from detective case files. 
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    Get comprehensive analyses of 13 major unsolved murders that rocked the Queen City from 1904 until 1971.
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    Discover what author JT Townsend thinks went down in his gripping "I witness" sections at the end of every chapter.

Just some of the baffling mysteries in QCG....


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What readers are saying about QCG:

This was one of those books that kept me up reading way past my bedtime. Exceedingly well researched and superbly written, I just couldn't put it down.

Michael G. Smith

J.T. Townsend provided me with one of the best written books I have ever had the pleasure of savoring. Yes, I said savoring. Every word is so perfectly chosen, that this book is as delicious as a 5 star meal...I read it in one day. His style of putting the tragic on paper, makes this book impossible to put down. I look so forward to his newest book to be released on to Kindle, which I understand will be soon. I believe that J.T. could change his genre of writing to encompass any audience and come out with a best seller. This book gets 5 stars for so many obvious reasons, that disappointment is impossible. Buy with confidence and know your getting one of the best reads of your life!

I stumbled across this book, and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was knowing the locations, which makes driving around Cincinnati more interesting. I could also talk about some of the crimes with family, and see what they remember from the more recent cases. I am convinced that there should be a Cincinnati Murder Tour, using this as a guide.

This is an excellent book. I had read the hardcover book several years ago and decided I wanted it on my Kindle. Extremely well written and actually knowing the area since I live her makes it so much more personal.


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